If you would like to give me feedback on my work, you can use this online questionnaire. You can also download the form in Word format - click here and email it to me, or you can always give me face-to-face feedback in a session. 

1. If you were describing this experience of counselling to someone else, what are the first three things you would say?

2. If there were no constraints on your time or money, how often and for how long would you want counselling?

3. Anything you would you prefer CK to do more of?

4. Anything you would you prefer CK to do less of?

5. Tick the words below that apply to your experience of counselling with CK....

Challenging       Satisfying       Insightful       Supportive      
Frustrating       Valuable       Difficult       Demanding      
Disappointing       Inspiring       Reflective       Hopeful      
Emotional       Thoughtful       Productive       Respectful      
Restorative       Unproductive       Tiring       Provocative      
Annoying       Anxiety-making       Confusing       Calming      
Exciting       Clarifying       Interesting       Catalysing      

Or use your own words to say more....

Once you submit the information, I will receive your feedback and you will be returned to the home page.  Thank you.