Couples counselling

Adult relationships can be complex and demanding. Whilst our closest relationships offer the possibility for our greatest happiness, they also offer opportunities for our worst behaviour and greatest distress.

We are fortunate to live at a time of greater fluidity in family structures, and a liberalising of ideas about sexual and gender roles and identity, but these greater freedoms bring their own challenges.

It is neither a sign of failure, nor very unusual, to seek help from someone outside of the couple or close circle when things have got too difficult to untangle or manage. Couple counsellors are trained to understand the dynamics between people, to help them communicate more effectively, and to support them in resolving conflicts – without being biased towards one person or one solution.

I am registered with Pink Therapy as an accredited sexual minority therapist. I welcome working with same-sex couples, and with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues as they emerge in people’s lives.

I am a member of Resolution, an organisation which offers collaborative family law to couples separating and divorcing.  Solicitors trained in collaborative law refer couples to counsellors like myself (known as Family Consultants), so that we can all work together to achieve a non-court-based solution to issues arising from relationship breakdown.

Couple counselling sessions can be held in the evenings or daytime. They will usually last for one hour but it can be helpful to have longer sessions occasionally.